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Our tips for passing your exams with serenity!


Is the exam period approaching? Are you stressing out? Normal, everyone has been there! But there is a method to make sure you put the odds on your side, prepare for your exams with complete peace of mind and guarantee your success as much as possible! Can’t find your notes? Do you have 4 highlighted notebooks? Your agenda is annotated and you feel like you don’t know where to start? We take stock of the methodology to apply during your revisions to avoid panicking and approach your exams calmly!

Our tips for passing your exams

Do you procrastinate? Are you used to working in a hurry? Forget these counter-productive operations immediately! To tackle your exams with confidence, don’t do it at the last moment, give yourself 10 days to revise!

  1. Plan your revisions: 45 minutes x 2 every day is better than a grueling all-nighter! Why 45 minutes? Because it is the ideal time for concentration of our brain! Put it to use, for effective revisions. Keep this rhythm and you will see that you will retain much better!
  2. Prioritize the topics! Those that you know little about are the ones that will be the most difficult to revise. Start with them before moving on to the topics that seem easier to you.
  3. Make an inventory before starting: what do you have to revise? List the different notions and assign each a timetable. We advance better in clarity with objectives!
  4. Summarize your lessons! So make summary sheets to anchor the most important concepts. Writing helps you remember better, and your proofreading will only be easier
  5. Share! To assess yourself, talk about your courses to someone who knows nothing about them! If he understands your presentation, it means that you have mastered your notions!
  6. Set up a pleasant corner dedicated to your revisions. Library, park, cafe, whatever, but the place should allow you to better concentrate and enjoy your learning moments!

Our tips for passing your exams

Only two days left before your exam? Think it’s time to double down? If you followed our previous advice, the last two days of your revisions and the day before the exam should not be overloaded! You should already feel ready!

  1. Finish with the simplest notions, which do not require too much mental effort
  2. Don’t finish late. Give yourself two good nights of sleep to give your brain time to imprint everything.
  3. Reread before sleeping the parts that give you the most trouble and do not hesitate to express yourself orally.
  4. Give yourself a real break the day before the exam. An outing with friends, a sports lesson, getting some fresh air and walking, whatever!
  5. Plan ahead! Don’t wait until you have to take the bus to pack your things. Think the day before the exam to collect everything you will need to feel calm, equipped and reassured on D-Day.

Our tips for passing your exams

The enemy of calm? The lack of preparation! Nothing worse than leaving home wondering what you forgot, arriving late or not finding your notes at the last moment!

  1. Make a list of what you need: several pens, a bottle of water, a snack if allowed. You don’t want to have to run to the supermarket right before you enter the exam room.
  2. When you wake up, reread the most important points quietly. Put down your card, and ten minutes later ask yourself what it contained. If you manage to visualize and formulate the key information, you can congratulate yourself, you will pass your exam in the greatest of serenity!
  3. Do a morning ritual that soothes you: listen to a piece of music, read a quote, 15 minutes of breathing, a moment to gather your strength and center yourself.
  4. Don’t get started right away! Haste can cause you to make mistakes. Read your subject, take the time to lay out a plan, to confront the different concepts that refer to it. Then answer!
  5. Don’t return anything without proofreading yourself! A good, concentrated proofreading can allow you to identify flaws!

If you follow our simple tips to prepare and pass your exams with confidence, you should be ready! Good luck to everyone

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