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Why Are Preschool Teachers Important For A Child’s Development?


A survey conducted by UNICEF reveals that 9.3 million new teachers are required to achieve universal pre-primary education.

The numbers already reveal that the demand for pre-primary teachers is rising with every passing year. This also suggests their importance in the life of a child as they are the very first adults a child interacts with outside their family. For this reason, these early school experiences must go well for these kids so that they can build connections and trust with safe adults. If you are planning to teach these young learners, it is advised to undergo a pre-primary teacher training course online or offline to be aware of what to expect.

Role Of Teachers In A Preschool

Here are a few roles that preschool teachers play every day to facilitate their child’s development:

As An Instructional Leader

As instructional leaders, teachers guide, plan, teach, and assess student earnings. They also offer the necessary framework for assessment and curriculum as per the federal or state-mandated educational standards. In the landscape of inclusive classrooms, this role is becoming more and more common. Teachers as instructional leaders build collaborative relationships that enhance the learning of children with special educational needs.

As A Nurturer

Early childhood educators need to nurture children with physical and emotional affection. Holding, hugging, and encouraging a child is necessary for a child’s cognitive and psychological growth. These gestures also enable a child to learn about appropriate and safe touches as they can learn to differentiate between good and bad touches.

As A Master Communicator

Pre-primary requires communication skills on occasion more than just with students. They need to make use of both verbal and non-verbal communication which displays affection and respect for the children. Verbal communication includes giving directions, asking open-ended questions, giving instructions, and facilitating conversations. Non-verbal communication on the other hand includes eye contact, smiling, holding, keening, and hugging the children to model warn and approachable qualities.

As A Facilitator

Young learners learn through problem-solving, self-expression, imaginative play, exploration, inventing, and testing hypotheses. You can support a child’s learning by engaging, motivating, and providing them with a safe environment. These environments hold rich resources, planned activities, and ample time to explore and balance teacher and child-centric learning.

As A Supporter For Parents

While handling children of such a young age you do need to communicate with parents more often. Parents love caring and competent professionals who can take care of their children when they are not around. So when parents leave their loved ones under your care they are expecting your support. Therefore, you need to provide a safe and encouraging environment to them that can make up for the valuable time they spend away from their parents.

Ways Preschool Teachers Can Impact A Child’s Development

When a child is having a fun and engaging time at school, they are more likely to develop a deep love for learning. Moreover, the most essential part of any positive preschool experience includes invested teachers who are dedicated to the benefit of their students.

If you are wondering how you can have a positive impact on your learners, follow these tips:

1. You Help Preschoolers Grow Intellectually

Youngsters’ minds are like sponges. They are eager to take in new knowledge, concepts, and abilities. A focused instructor can monitor a child’s progress and offer learning exercises to help young learners. There are several ways that students can learn, and adaptable teachers can provide a variety of lessons to fit each child’s preferred method of learning. Positive early learning experiences can influence a child’s attitude toward kindergarten and beyond.

2. You Offer A Safe Emotional Space

A child can learn strategies for understanding their own emotions from warm, kind teachers. You can share the joy with your students and they can sense it. As a preschool instructor, you can assist the reluctant or irritated child in finding the right words to communicate their feelings. As a result, children are developing their resilience and determination, as well as their emotional intelligence, as they are learning.

3. You Provide Helpful Learning Strategies

Experienced teachers may offer targeted exercises and activities to aid in all areas if a kid still has difficulty comprehending fine motor movements, needs to practice social skills, or has trouble with letter identification. You could advise your youngster to be a good friend to another pupil or carefully place your child’s hand on a crayon. As a teacher, you can provide updates on the child’s development and extra suggestions for enhancing their education at home.

4. You Extend Experienced Support

When you start working as an early childhood teacher, you gain valuable information about motor skills, growth stages, working memory, and more. As skilled preschool teachers, you can offer valuable perspectives and offer suggestions for additional support. If you are concerned about a child’s participation or engagement in the class, you can talk to the parents and also as for special education teachers to provide some resources or seasoned guidance to help a child learn and grow.

Become An Experienced And Caring Preschool Teacher

Skilled teachers can not only support a child but also accelerate their growth. Thus, with the rising demand, educational institutions are looking for more and more qualified teachers at least with a B.Ed. in Pre and Primary Education in Singapore or their host countries. These experienced professionals can create a warm and welcoming environment for all the students. They also offer exceptional child care to support the family.

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