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The advantages and disadvantages of the online course


The advent of the Internet has led to major upheavals in several areas. Today, it is possible to follow your training from the comfort of your home and this in establishments located all over the world. E-Learning is booming and affects many fields of study. The traditional training given in the classrooms with an obligation of physical presence for the learners is completely upset. Now with the help of a laptop and internet access, you can take your courses online at a university of your choice. This new way of learning has many advantages but also has serious consequences.

The benefits of e-Learning

Following the training of your dreams from home is an idea applauded by many learners for its advantages. Among these we can mention:

A flexible schedule

By taking online courses, you can choose your course times according to your availability. Your teachers will take your availability into account to create a program that best suits you. Nothing will be imposed on you because in an online course, you decide your class hours. So you can work, take care of your baby, do parallel activities while taking online training.

More freedom of expression

Behind a screen it is known to all that people have more guts. So for a person who is shy and withdrawn during classic classes, online training can lead them to be more reactive. The possibilities of interaction are therefore multiplied during an online training. Learners can overcom their shyness and actively participate in class.

Free and unconstrained

Have you always dreamed of going to class in pajamas, hair down and house slippers? By following an online training it is possible. You can stay in the comfort of your bed and follow your classes or do your homework. You can follow your lessons while having lunch in your favorite restaurant. You have the opportunity to study in the setting that suits you. You will feel safe and could choose a place that brings you serenity and calm to give the best of you throughout your training.

Affordable training

Thousands of universities located all over the world welcome you for online training. This alternative allows you to save on travel and accommodation costs by staying at home to take your courses.

A course that fascinates

By taking online training, you can do what you want. If the course of your dreams is not available in your country, online training allows you to make up for it effectively.

The disadvantages of online courses

If the benefits are so attractive and entice you to take your courses online, then some of these disadvantages should be considered.

A history of discipline

Taking lessons at home without constraint refers to a real culture of self-discipline. You have to be in control of yourself and set limits so as not to be lax throughout your training.

Computer knowledge

An e-Learning training requires computer knowledge. You must be computer and internet savvy to be able to take online courses.

Health issues

The long hours of lessons behind your screen will take their toll on your eyes, back and neck. It is essential to consider all these disadvantages before setting your sights on online training

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